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The Sweetest Moment Between My Server And I (2.17.20)

Just experienced the sweetest moment and wanted to write about it.

I was having breakfast and noticed my waitress was pregnant. I’m not sure how far along, but I’d say at least 5-6 months. She was working super hard and I couldn’t believe she was on her feet running around like this, for however long her shift was. I decided to leave her a generous tip. I felt good about it.

About 3-4 minutes after I walked out, I heard, “excuse me, excuse me!” and it was HER, running out of the restaurant to come give me a hug. She was crying.

“Thank you so much, this is making me cry,” she said.I hugged her back, and held her arms.

“I just can’t believe you’re still working, are you due soon?” I asked.“In 2 weeks,” she said, “and then I’m going to probably stop.”

We hugged again, and I started crying too. “Do you have a good support system?” I asked.“Yes,” she said. “But this helps so much, thank you so much.”We smiled and hugged one last time, and then I went my way as she went back to work.

Moments like this make me so happy because that is what is possible inside ALL of us. We are all strangers, until we open our hearts. We have the ability to help people heal, if for a moment we can just think outside our ourselves.

It really is the greatest gift.


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