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My DREAMS Are Coming True! (6.6.19)

On Saturday, my dreams came true. ⁣

I have been looking at pictures and videos of Havasupai Falls for YEARS. It combines two things that I absolutely love: red rock canyons, and waterfalls. Not just waterfalls, though. MAJESTIC AF BLUE-GREEN SPIRITUAL OASIS waterfalls INSIDE the Grand Canyon. Something that, in my eyes, is what Heaven would look like. ⁣

As I researched more, I learned a few things. This is a HIKER’S trip, and not for the faint of heart. It’s an 8-mile walk into the canyon to get to the small town of Supai (population 208) and 2 miles after that to reach the Mooney Falls. (pictured) After that is a series of trails and waterfalls and if you have the steam, a 20-mile roundtrip hike to see The Confluence: the point where the blue-green waters of Havasu Creek merge with the muddy waters of the Colorado River. ⁣

Incredible, right?? But oh yeah…you need a permit and it’s booked a YEAR in advance and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is calling at the same time. So there’s that.⁣

Last Saturday at 8am was my chance. I had this on my calendar since January. I was NOT going to give up. So I called. And called. And called. ⁣

One hour. ⁣

Two hours. ⁣

Busy. Busy. Busy. ⁣

Holy SHIT it was discouraging. Have I mentioned the Havasupai Tribe does not take online reservations? There are only 2 days of the year they allow phone call reservations, and this was one of them. ⁣

I told myself I was giving myself 3 hours. After that, I assumed it wasn’t meant to be. But I also had to periodically remind myself, ⁣

“The action you’re taking right now will affect your future. Are you really willing to give up this soon?”⁣

And then, something weird happened. An ACTUAL PERSON PICKED UP!⁣

I wanted to cry. I told myself I was going to make this happen. I saw it happening in my mind. I dreamed about it. But now it actually was. ⁣

Long story short, I am officially booked to hike Havasupai Falls June 22-24th, 2020. ⁣

Thank you, Universe. ❤️

(Photo Credit: Earth Story via Facebook

, not sure the photographer? Please tag yourself if you see this!)


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