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Ode to My Knees

On October 15th, 2015, I had Osteochondral Allograft Transfer Surgery (OATS) on my left knee. What this BASICALLY means (and trust me, I'm still learning) is that I had bone and cartilage from a donor inserted into my kneecap (lower femur) because my own bone/cartilage literally "broke off" last year. I KNOW GROSS RIGHT?? This is tricky, because "chondral" often means degenerative. There aren't many symptoms at first as there are no nerves in cartilage. So you go about your life, occasionally having your knee act awkward, but you just think you have a "bad" knee. Until one day you're standing at the top of a canyon in Sedona, trying to figure out your life purpose, and your knee buckles. And then you go the doctor and find out you need the OATS procedure. And you think your life is OVER. I made this video because it helps me get through the recovery process. I hope it makes you laugh and comforts you in some way, especially if you've ever been injured or had a physical or emotional set back where you literally don't recognize yourself any more. I'm doing this for us. I'm hoping to be back on my feet in January 2016. :) Hugs, and thank you for watching! (P.S. sometimes I am horrible responding to comments. My email is SandyStecBooking (at) I'm also on Twitter, IG and FB- @SandyStec! RECOVERY: Meds, ice, knee brace, etc. Non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. (crutches, wheelchair, walker, etc) Progressive weight-bearing for 4 weeks, + 6 weeks minimum physical therapy Chocolate Hugs and being held by your parents, girlfriends, and good friends. LOTS of crying. Your life will feel different and shitty and you won't like it. AWFUL reality television. This is essential! Choose programs that make you feel better about yourself. You can do this. I believe in you! Thank you for watching. ****The official name of my procedure was "Left Knee Arthroscopy w/Osteochonral Allografting of the Medial Femoral Condyle."


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