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From Knee Surgery To A 100 Mile Bike Ride!

It's been a long road...this video chronicles my journey from knee surgery (October 2015) to training for a 100-mile bike ride. (June 2017) During this time I experienced some of the lowest and "highest" moments of my life. I also learned some of the greatest lessons, that quite frankly, I needed to learn.

My intention for this video is for you to feel comforted, healed, and inspired. If you want to know more about my original surgery, I made a video called "Ode to My Knees" you can find here:

Warning: it's pretty depressing, as I made it the week after my surgery. (The official title was OATS- osteochondral allograft transfer surgery) To connect with me (sometimes I'm HORRIBLE checking comments on Youtube) I'm on Instagram, FB and Twitter under @SandyStec. You can also send me a personal email at: SandyStecBooking (at) Thank you so much for watching and looking forward to hearing from you!


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