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For The First Time EVER, I'm Ending The Year With A Weight LOSS. (12.12.18)

This is the first year of my entire adult life that I’m ending the year with a weight loss.

Not a lot, and nowhere near what I’d hoped earlier this year, but I have to say: I know something shifted. Even in my SHITTIEST moments, I always knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I’d created a new emotional “home” for myself.

It was one that craved more activity. One that liked to be outdoors more, and try and get more exercise while on vacation. One that was a *little* more accountable for what she ate and SOMETIMES cooked. One that went to therapy and reached out to her therapist more often than she’d planned. (Even during my “spiritual” trip to Arizona...not even the beautiful canyons of Red Rock could prevent me from having a breakdown of EPIC proportions.)

Am I telling you too much? Probably. But who are we if we can’t get in touch with this side of ourselves? The “messy” side. The side that is trying to undo YEARS of destructive patterns, language and habits. The side that is TIRED of the noise...the chatter...and the bullshit distracting us from our true potential.

That’s where I’m at right now. Just trying to tune out the noise, both in my head, and my life as well. Because 16 pounds today may result in an entirely different reality, years from now.

And I’m excited about that.

With Kenny Lorenzetti (@Gladiatorlorenzetti on IG) at 24-Hour Fitness in San Mateo, CA. (Super Sport)


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