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Crying In A Diner (2.15.19)

Just finished a quick lunch at a diner because I was starving, and it was next to my esthetician’s place.

Earlier, as I was waiting for my omelet, an older man- probably in his 80’s- was getting ready to leave and he came over to me. “The problem with this place is the portions are too big!” He said, wide-eyed. . I tried to joke back. “That’s the reason I’m HERE!” I said. “I’m not in the mood for anything dainty. I want to be full.” . . He laughed, and told me he ordered a one-egg meal, but instead they gave him TWO eggs. “Then they PILE on the hash browns!” he said.

We small talked for a few minutes and I forced myself to look in his eyes to be more present. This was unexpected, but kind. And I want to be more appreciative of those moments.

As he left I asked him if I could help him with anything or get the door, and he said “No thank you.” I said, “Well I will see you here next time.” . . Just now, as I was finishing up my meal, my server asked, “what were you and that old man talking about?” I said, “He was telling me the portions here are too big.” . . She laughed. . . “Well, he took care of your lunch,” she said.

And now my eyes are watering in a diner.


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