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An Angel In Human Form...(11-29-18)

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I am literally in tears right now. I’ve been in Arizona the last few days, primarily to visit my family in Chandler, but also a side solo trip to Sedona to explore, heal, and hopefully come “back” to myself. I even deleted all social media apps from my phone.

I’d just finished an amazing spa treatment and was outside enjoying the peace and quiet by the pool. Katie, my server, noticed I was writing something.

“What are you writing?” She asked.

“Don’t laugh,” I said, “but a list of traits and qualities I want in the next man I meet. I’ve been pretty sad for a few months now after sort-of ending it with someone.”

Then she and I talked for like 10 minutes. Good, HONEST talk. Talk that is something you’d expect from a girlfriend you’ve had for YEARS, not someone you just ordered a Prickly Pear Margarita from. (Come on, it was hot pink...I couldn’t not.)

I told her my struggles. I told her HIS struggles. She in turn told me HER struggles, and things she’s done to create a happier, healthy version of life for herself. Damn it, it was so refreshing. I ADORE when people are brave enough to take their masks off and face their own darkness.

Before I left I said, “You are one of the bravest people I know.” And she said, “Thank you, and you are deserving of everything.”

And then I came back to my room and saw this.

It literally felt like an angel came out of nowhere and gave me a hug. I cannot explain how much this meant to me.

All week long I’ve been asking and hoping for answers. And to be honest, I’ve experienced a couple other moments of generosity that I very much appreciated, but I still was in my head.

But tonight, after seeing that sweet heart got the message.

I will cherish that forever.

Special thank you Katie, of Aji Spa, at the Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona. You are an angel.

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Julia Schepis
Jun 29, 2019

I like your idea of writing a list for the qualities you want in a man. I am the same age as you, single, and have been through many struggles and heartaches with men. Making a list is a good way to stay focused on what we want and DESERVE. Don't ever settle for anything less, Sandy!

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