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“Sandy Stec lacks a cognitive filter, and it's AWESOME! She has that indescribable "it" factor that can captivate a room and draw people in. Sandy is the woman that every girl wants to be and every woman wants to be around...” 

  • Beth Troutman, TV Host, “Right This Minute”


“There is nothing phony about Sandy Stec and that works for her in so many ways. I've worked with her as a stand up comedian and I have seen her draw audiences in and make them laugh not only with her material but with her honesty, vulnerability and sense of connection. As a radio personality Sandy brings her humor but also an ability to express excitement, appreciation of beauty and infectious optimism that can be felt over the air.”

  • Paul Sullivan. Comedian, filmmaker, Emmy nominated TV producer, as seen on HBO, former producer The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


“Sandy Stec is truly the best girlfriend…only even better than the best. She is smart, funny, loud, hilarious, down to earth, creative, clever…did I mention smart and funny?  I have never met anyone so real, so honest and authentic.  She can really take real life experiences and ensure you see even the craziest situations through a humorous lens, because laughter is truly the best way to stay young, happy and positive.” 

  • Karen Raghavan, General Manager Benefit Cosmetics Southeast Asia


 “Sandy is a terrific talent. Doesn’t over think or have to filter herself. Her talent is she is real, authentic, original. Speaks her mind with little regard to how she will be perceived. And her real life story’s always entertain”

  • Cat Collins, National Brand Manager, iHeart Media


"Sandy is a smart and silly ball of energy.  Funny, biting and fun.  She makes you laugh so hard you may not realize that she's schooling you."

  • Eddie Brill, Stand-Up Comedian/Comedy Booker


"Sandy Stec has great hair"

  • Molly Schminke, Comedy Club Booker


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